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We Make It Better Video

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A celebration of the LGBT community

A stirring look at LGBT history: LGBTQ people have always played important roles in society. They have served their country, served in office, pushed for the protection of human rights and have impacted all fields of study, sport, art and industry. We Make It Better offers biographies of some of the more famous thinkers and changers in history from Alan Turing, Bayard Rustin, Leonard Bernstein and Dr. Sally Ride to present day innovators and world changers Ellen DeGeneres, Tim Cook, Beth Ford, The Wachowski sisters, Ricky Martin and more.

Readers will:

  • Discover important LGBTQ people who have changed the world
  • Be empowered by finding out more about the accomplishments of the LGBTQ community in the larger society
  • Be inspired by the mix of biographies, history and quotes

Uplifting LGBTQ stories and history for everyone!